Established in 2015 in Hong Kong, INFLUENCERS.HK is specially designed and developed by our engineers to reach the niche-targeted audience market.

We are full-service digital agency focus on Social Media, Digital Engagement and E-commerce acceleration for all size, big and small. INFLUENCERS.HK customers who wants to grow their Asia and China market will also get access to our team experts based in Asia.

Our team will naturally market and grow your Instagram fast, powerful, niche-targeted Instagram promotion to reach the target audience you want. INFLUENCERS.HK users get between 100-200% more engagement on their content in just the first month.

Our office in Hong Kong, Singapore, Qianhai, China. We believe in integrity, punctuality and quality, which is why we are up there as the most respected consultants in the city.

If you would like to work with us, please contact us with your project specifications and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements further with you.

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